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Simin Tander

During the last few years German Afghan vocalist Simin Tander has become one of the rising stars and most acknowledged young artistis of the Dutch jazz scene. Her performances at the North Sea Jazz Festival, the BIMHUIS, the prestigious Amsterdam Concertgebouw, the 2010 Young VIP tour and her successful collaboration with Dutch Jazz star Eric Vloeimans have received rave reviews.

Beside the Netherlands Simin’s Quartet is developing an internationally recognized reputation with performances at the Women In Jazz Festival (Germany), JazzAhead! (Germany), Bohemia Jazz Fest (Czech Republic), Catania Jazz Festival (Italy), Madrid Jazz Festival (Spain), Beishan Jazz Festival (China), OCT LOFT Festival (China), Hong Kong Jazz Festival and many more.

In her native Germany Simin is no longer a secret flling up concert halls and receiving enthusiastic reviews. She has also been featured in the flm soundtracks of German cult crime movie TATORT and Der Kriminalist. Her debut CD Wagma (Neuklang records) as well received a great deal of attention by the international press.

Simin has truly developed her very unique style: Blending jazz with singer songwriter elements and a hint of oriental mysticism. Floating from tender ballads to challenging rhythms, from impulsive improvisations to narrative melodies all leading into a world of emotion and contrasts. She moves her audience with a voice that knows every possible color and expression and embodies it with an alluring intensity. Her strong and intimate performances are mesmerizing as Simin does not only deliver her songs passionately but also loves to make a direct connection with her audience.

For her new album she has learned to sing in Pashto, the language of Afghanistan and the language of her father who passed away when she was a little child. It is the frst time Simin will perform afghan songs beside her own very personal compositions. The CD will be released in spring 2014 and will already be performed during theirs econd Asia tour with (among others) a show at the prestigious Jarasum Jazzfestival in Korea in october 2013.

Pictures by Robert M. Fülle


“Simin Tander is a polyglot German-Afghan singer who combines the fierce creativity of Meredith Monk with the jazz savvy of Gretchen Parlato.”

All About Jazz (USA)

Simin Tander 4tet

Simin Tander

vocals & songwriting

German Afghan vocalist Simin Tander has become one of the most acknowledged young artistis of the Dutch jazz scene with tours throughout Europe and Asia and founded the Simin Tander 4tet during her master studies in the Netherlands in 2008.

Jeroen van Vliet

piano, electronics

Described in the Dutch press as ‘a master of nuance’, pianist Jeroen van Vliet’s has played all over the world.

Etienne Nillesen


Etienne Nillesen is an active voice on the European creative music and free improvisation scene, with regular performances across Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Cord Heineking

double bass

Cord Heineking started his professional career playing bass guitar in rock bands in Germany and got in touch with the acoustic bass and jazz during his studies in the Netherlands.

“Simin Tander is a miracle of the art of singing.”

Het Parool (NL)


08.02.14 Halle – Women in Jazz Festival Halle Eurasien Projekt

“Where Water Travels Home” CD Release Tour

12.03.14 Köln – Stadtgarten
14.03.14 Tilburg – Paradox 
17.03.14 Bonn - Pantheon-Casino
18.03.14 Nijmegen – De Lindenberg 
20.03.14 Amsterdam – BIMHUIS
22.03.14 Maastricht – Jazzfestival Maastricht, Theater aan het Vrijthof
27.03.14 Berlin –  A-Trane
28.03.14 Dresden –  Neue Tonne
29.03.14 Wernigerode – Jazzclub Wernigerode, grosse Aula
30.03.14 Einbeck – Kultur im Esel 
04.04.14 Karlsruhe – Tempel
05.04.14 Ladenburg- Sinnbild
06.04.14 Freiburg – Jazzhaus
17. – 25.04. t.b.a. Simin Tander 4tet


Recent concerts

China & South Korea Tour- Simin Tander 4tet
01.10.13 Shenzhen – OCT International Jazz Festival (CN)
02.10.13 Guangzhou – International Jazzfestival Guangzhou (CN)
04.10.13 Changsha –  International Jazz Festival (CN)
06.10.13 International Jarasum Jazz Festival (KOR)
12.10.13 Opening German Filmfestival, Beijing (CN)

17.10.13 Wageningen – Jazz in Wageningen Simin Tander 4tet
15.11.13 Darmstadt – Jazzinstitut Darmstadt  PLoTS!

15.12.13 Veghel -  Kunstgroep De Compagnie with David Golek
17.01.14 Potsdam – The Voice in Concert – Nikolaisaal Simin Tander 4tet

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